Clay Ross has provided educational workshops for professional musicians, amateurs, and music lovers in a wide variety of contexts. He has shared these workshops with audiences of all ages and across many varied cultural conditions. His unique cultural experiences, understanding of Brazilian rhythms, and his deeply rooted foundation in jazz and American folk music, make his workshops extremely unique, entertaining, and full of insight.

His workshops are tailored to suit each specific audience. Addressing a group of aspiring guitar improvisors or a room full of wide eyed young children, his teaching technique is full of enthusiastic interaction. Whether discussing detailed performance techniques or introducing fundamental rhythms through movement, his goal is to communicate and impart the tools, essence, and joy of music making.

As a U.S. Jazz Ambassador he has conducted workshops at Universities, High Schools, and Cultural Centers throughout the Balkans. The success of these workshops led to encore presentations in Kosovo, Macedonia, Turkey, and Greece. As a member of Cyro Baptista’s “Beat the Donkey,” Clay has assisted in teaching brazilian rhythms and creative improvisation all across the United States. Although Clay is a classically trained guitarist, you do not need to be a guitarist or have any previous musical training to enjoy and benefit from Clay’s workshops.