“Ross’ guitar will hold its own with the hotshot pickers in mainstream bluegrass.” Bluegrass Unlimited

“Mr. Ross is a very deft guitarist with a rich vocabulary of folk, blues, and jazz at his disposal…” – Wall Street Journal

“In the past 3 years, he was the guy in the band who evolved the most, turning into this incredible, multidimensional musician.  I don’t feel like Clay just went and got a rhythm from Brazil and put another music style on top.  He assimilated Northeastern Brazilian music and created a new conception.” – Cyro Baptista in the Down Beat Magazine Feature.

“Countrified licks and insinuating samba groves merge in weird and wonderful ways on this unorthodox and delightful debut.” – Jazz Times Magazine

“spanning continents with a down-home sensibility and an explorer’s curiosity.” – All About Jazz

“Ross has earned Jazz Ambassador status for his guitar stylings, but his new disc, Matuto, is a subtle blend of bluegrass and baiao that adds playful vocals, cavaquinho, and kashaka to his musical arsenal.” – Bold Life Magazine

“Ross hits upon the shared joy in rural music from everywhere.” – Free Times, Columbia SC

“Best of 2009 World Music… Telecaster-wielding songwriter Clay Ross is leading the guitar-meets-world revolution” -

“Clay Ross thinks like a Poet, writes like a Novelist and plays the guitar like a Master.”   –

“Sly, subtle wit colors his guitar style: playful and humorous but deeply complex.”–

“Ross makes music that swirls samba and other Latin rhythms around while retaining a melodic essence intimately familiar to most Americans… the tracks have the easy appeal one would expect from the source materials… Ross feels as at ease with one style as another, making the blend all the more organic…it’s true world beat.” –

“Clay Ross demonstrated that not all Americans who have the will to be Brazilian are boring…His sound tries to mix the old west and the sertão in a stylized way, but it’s all so much fun that it doesn’t sound artificial.” –

“Clay Ross has created a stunning cross-cultural statement with Matuto”–

“Clay Ross and his MATUTO group really shook the place up – Bluegrass Hillbilly meets Brazilian Folk Beats in a head-on celebration – !! – making this nite on par with the top 5 mostmemorable live music acts we have ever seen, and we’ve seen a few !!!  MATUTO – is a LIVEWIRE ACT – you do NOT !! want to miss.” –

“…restrained virtuosic skill and a joyful anything-goes attitude…a unique musical vision.” – Virginian Pilot

“Clay has a passionate, unique and personal voice that awakens feelings in audiences. On the improvisational side, he has listened to the greatest of those who are speaking, and this adds to his own distinct voice: a sweet, sometimes melancholic, but always precise one.” –

“There’s a lot of musical talent in the Upstate, but we rarely see one of our own go on to bigger and better things, Anderson guitar prodigy Clay Ross is a rare exception.” – James Nichols, Greenville Metrobeat.